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Super Skippers attend 2016 World Competition

Senior members, Erin and Riley Williams, traveled to Braga, Portgual to compete in a World Jump Rope Tournament. There were over 40 countries and 650 jumpers from around the world who spun, twirled, and jumped to earn medals in freestyle, speed, and power events.

Erin and Riley showed that they are competitive on an international level. For the age division events Erin Placed 3rd in 30 second speed with 175 speed jumps; 3rd in 2x30 double unders; 2nd in 3 minute speed with 879 jumps; Triples 3rd 220.Riley placed 2nd in her Single Rope Freestyle.

Erin and Riley and placed 3rd in their partners; For Double Dutch speed Relay they were joined by Abba Harrison and placed 2nd, and Anna Wargna was a turner for Double Dutch Pairs speed which placed 2nd.

Riley scored high in her single rope freestyle and placed 6th overall at GRAND Worlds. Both Double dutch teams placed high to compete at Grand Worlds. The Double Dutch Speed Relay with Erin, Riley and Anna came home with a 3rd place trophy in Female Double Dutch speed Relay.

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