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We are so glad to have jumpers old and new back in Rattlesnake gym during the 2023-24 school year.

The fall 2023 session for club jumpers will begin on October, 5:15-6:15pm, at Rattlesnake Elementary Gymnasium. 

Join us for fun and fitness during our Club Jumper sessions.

Club Jumpers is open to Boys and Girls ages 5 1/2 –18+.

All jumpers receive their own jump rope.

Note, you can join a session at any time. You don't have to wait until a new session is starting. 

We will continue to:

1.     Have Fun

2.     Build Confidence

3.     Build Strength

4.     Build skills

5.     Create an atmosphere of wanting to learn and do more!


How to join:

Children of all skill levels age 5 1/2 and older are welcome to join. Jumpers learn skills with single ropes, Double Dutch, and long rope all while having fun, gaining confidence, and improving their coordination.


*New Jumpers – please complete the registration form found on the forms page.

Fees: $75 / 4 week session, one day per week $100 / 4 week session, two days per week


You can also keep up with us on Instagram.


Tournament Team

The Tournament Team is a group of more experienced jumpers who enjoy the excitement and challenge of competition. They meet several times a week and travel several times per year to competitions. 


Upcoming workshops

Supper Skippers will be back at the YWCA this summer, August 5th thru the 9th.  Registration information will be posted shortly.



School Workshops

Now you can learn jump rope with the Nationally ranked Montana Super Skippers.

Jump Rope is fun, healthy and inspiring.

If you’d like us to come to your school or organization, please contact us.




See us perform!

Stay tuned for times and places for Super Skipper Performances. 

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